The New Orleans Swinging Gypsies
Sarah Quintana Miss River Band
Smoking Time Jazz Club
Reggie’s Red Hot Feetwarmers
Loose Marbles
Meschiya Lake & the Lil Big Horns
Tuba Skinny
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Sophie Lee  
Jonathan Stout Orchestra
George Gee Orchestra
Dr. Michael White

Public Arena

O.C. Performing Arts Center 2002
Guinness Book of World Records/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland 2003
Music Video Omid-Shoorangiz, Los Angeles 2005
Breast Cancer Charity Danceathon, Orange County 2006
Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego 2007
Price Smart, Inc. San Diego 2007
Independent Film, San Diego 2008
Olio the Show Preview, San Diego 2008
KUSI News, San Diego 2008
NBC 739 News, San Diego 2008
KFMB Channel 8 News, San Diego 2008
Black Historical Society, San Diego 2008
Instructional DVD’s w/ Dan Newsome, 2009
WWL-TV, New Orleans 2010, 2011, 2016, 2019
Jazz Fest, performance with Sophie Lee, New Orleans 2010
Lil Big Horns Vaudeville Variety Show, New Orleans 2010
After the Catch TV show, New Orleans 2010
Perform Lindy Focus, 2010
Nick & Simon Dutch Reality TV, New Orleans 2011
Jazz Fest, performance w/ Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Orleans 2011-2013
Jazz Fest, performance w/ Meschiya Lake & the Lil Big Horns 2012-2013
Carsie Blanton Music Video, New Orleans 2011
Saratoga Spring Lip Music Video, New York 2011
Luke Winslow King & Esther Music Video, New Orleans 2012
Fred & Elsa, featuring Shirley MacLaine & Christopher Plummer, New Orleans 2013
Big Easy Music Awards, dancing with Reuel Reis & featured with Tuba Skinny, New Orleans 2015
ESPN, dancing with Bobby Bonsey & featured with the New Orleans Swinging Gypsies 2016
French Quarter Fest, Sarah Quintana Miss River Band 2016
Jazz Fest, special guest with Sarah Quintana Miss River Band 2016
Satchmo Fest, G and the Swinging Three 2016
French Quarter Festival, G & The Swinging Three 2017-2019
Gretna Heritage Festival, G & The New Orleans Swinging Gypsies 2017

Dance Participation

O.C. Fair 2000
Dancer in national dance performance team MAD DOG 2000-2002
Dixieland Jazz Festival 2002
S.F. Frankie Weekend Performance 2005
High School Performances Los Angeles 2005-2006
North Park Street Festival, San Diego 2008
Ray at Night Street Festival, San Diego 2008
LeStat’s Club, San Diego 2008
Seaport Village Busker’s Festival, San Diego 2008
Firehouse Swing School, San Diego 2006-2009
Nola Jitterbugs Initiative, Non-profit, New Orleans 2010-2011
Wild Dominoes dance troupe, New Orleans 2010-2012
The Chorus Girl Project, New Orleans 2012-2013
Saratoga Racetrack Season, NY 2010-2013
Louise S. McGehee School, New Orleans 2010-2011
The Chosen Vessels Performing Dance Academy, New Orleans present
Nola Jitterbugs LLC, New Orleans 2010-present
Dance Quarter, New Orleans 2017-present


Swing Dance Clubs
University of San Diego High School 1998-2000
Riverside Swing Club 2000
University of San Diego Swing Club 2002-2004
Dance Studios
A time to Dance Studio, San Diego 2006-2007
The Studio at North Park, San Diego 2008
Firehouse Swing School, San Diego 2006-2008
Savoy Swing Club, Saratoga, NY 2010, 2011
Dance Manhattan, NY 2011
Dance Quarter, New Orleans 2011
Nola Jitterbugs Dance School 2010-2014
Atomic Ballroom 2014
Other Organizations
Lindy Summit 2003
Hop Swing & a Jump Dance Workshop 2003
Herrang 2004
UCI Jazz Dance Dept. Instructor 2004-2006
Newark Swing Club 2005
Idaho College Swing Club 2006
Camp Jitterbug 2004-2007, 2009-2010
Frankie Weekend S.F. 2005
CA Girl Jam 2005-2006, 2008
Swing in the Colony 2005-2006
The Rhythm is Jumpin, Los Angeles 2006
Northwest Girl Jam 2006
Midwest Girl Jam 2006
Swing Kitten, Sweden 2006
Goodnight Sweetheart London 2006
Rocky Mountain Girl Jam 2007
Midwest LindyFest 2007
Vegas Arruba Club 2008
Reno Dance Sensation 2008
Lindy and Party Weekend 2009
Northeast Girl Jam 2008, 2010
Lindy Hop Argentina International Festival 2010
OC Swing Club, Orange County 2010
French Quarter Festival, New Orleans 2010-2013
Satchmo Festival, New Orleans 2010-2013
Spring Fling Killer Diller Weekend, Edmonton, Canada 2011
Welbourne Traditional Music & Dance Camp, VA 2011, 2012, 2013
Atlanta Varsity Showdown, GA 2011
HalemSoul Girl Jam, NYC 2011
Lindy Focus, NC 2011
Dance Flurry 2011, 2012
Nola Girl Jam 2012
Shout & Feel It, Italy 2012
Ashokan Fiddle & Dance Camp, NY 2011, 2012, 2013
SF Girl Jam, CA 2012
Welbourne Traditional Jazz Camp, VA 2012
Korean Swing Dance Championships, Seoul Korea 2012
Catalina Swing Dance Festival, CA 2011,2012, 2013
Lindy on the Rocks 2013
Mexico City Workshop 2013
Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, New Orleans 2013
Sophisticated Lady, Italy 2013
Authentic Jazz Weekend, Seoul Korea 2015
Swing n' Swim, Greece 2015
L.A. Tap Fest, CA 2015
Bluebonnet Bash, Dallas TX 2016
Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles 2013-2019
The New Orleans Swing Dance Festival 2016, 2017
Aussie Girl Jam, Melbourne Australia 2017
Swing Dance Training Camp, Mexico City 2017
Lindy Focus, Asheville North Carolina, 2017
Weirdo Weekend, San Francisco CA, 2017
Seaside Stomp, Pensacola Florida, 2018


Contest Dancing

Major Contests
2nd 2002 Endurance, ULHS
3rd 2003 Strictly Lindy, Danvers
3rd 2004 Strictly Lindy, NADC
3rd 2004 Slow Division, ULHS
1st 2004 Lindy Hop, RAF
3rd 2006 Balboa, RAF
1st 2006 Pro Lindy, Lindy on the Rocks
4th 2007 Lindy Hop Showcase, ALHC
3rd 2009 Blues, ULHS
1st 2010 Slow, Lindy Focus
1st. 2011 Battle, Showdown ULHS
4th 2013 Strictly Lindy, Camp Hollywood
1st, 2014 Open Classic, Camp Hollywood  
5th, 2014 Showcase, Camp Hollywood

Non-Major Contests
Club Rocket 1st place 1999
2nd 2000 Jack & Jill, Camp Memories
2nd 2002 Solo Charleston, Bal Champs
Suzy Q Lindy Hop 2nd place 2003
Club Argyle SoCal Regional 2nd Place 2003 o Finalist Balboa, Bal-Rendezvous
2nd 2007 Lindy Groove ALHC Qualifier
1st 2008 Viejas Casino Swing Contest $5,000
3rd 2009 Viejas Casino Swing Contest $2,000

Judging Contests

Jitterbug Weekend 2003
Lindy Summit 2003
Camp Jitterbug 2004-2006
Swing in the Colony 2005-2006
CA Girl Jam 2005
Northwest Girl Jam 2006
Midwest Girl Jam 2006
Rocky Mountain Girl Jam 2007
Northeast Girl Jam 2008, 2010
Aussie Girl Jam 2017
Reno Dance Sensation 2008
Rhythmic Arts Festival 2008
Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2009, 2010
Shout & Feel It, Italy 2012
Camp Hollywood, 2013-2019
Authentic Jazz Weeekend, 2015
Seaside Stomp, 2018

Choreographer/Dance Director

Choreographer for international all female line dances Hot Pockets/Honey Pot 2002
Director and choreographer SoCal Sugar Babies 2006-2008
Choreographer Jump Session Show 2006-2007, 2010
Children’s Group Centro Cultural de la Raza 2008
Choreographer, dance director, co-producer of Olio the Show, San Diego 2007- 2009
Choreographer Cherries Jubilee, San Diego 2007-2009
Choreographer Chosen Vessels for tap, vintage jazz and swing, New Orleans 2005-2017

Event Organizer

Founded Girl Jams, festivals dedicated to women’s historical contribution to Jazz, 2005
Ca Girl Jam and CA Guy Jam 2009
Founded GZanky Productions
Newsletter Editor/Contributor: Swivel Magazine, Vintage. Representative 1998- 2000
Master of Ceremonies: CA Girl Jam 2005-2006, 2008
Webmaster/Public Relations:,,
Rhythmic Arts Center volunteer: 2011-2014
Rhythmic Arts Center manager: 2018-present


Swing Club Officer: President UCI & UCR Swing Club
Committee Member
San Diego Lindy Hop Society 1999-2000
Los Angeles Lindy Exchange Festival 2002-2003, 2006
Board member for Nola Jitterbugs Initiative Non-Profit 2010
Manager at The Rhythmic Arts Center 2018-present


DJ at national and local events since 2003
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Marathon 2003
Swing Dance Hall of Fame nominee
Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame, 2016